Nesting Pots
Slop is a one pot, one burner stew
The best part of a day

During my Thru-Hike I carried a simple set of two nesting pots, with two lids and a plastic cups with measurements

The simple and quick process was to hydrate dehydrated items
-dehydrated meat
-dehydrated re-fried beans
-quick brown rice

Spices and Flavors:
-chipolte pepper
-dried mushrooms
-tumeric, chorriander


I often recreate my dinner based on this concept:
Saute: Spam, Onion, Jalapeno Pepper, Greens
Eventually Hydrate with Water, Chicken Stock
Add: Rice, Sweet Potato and turn down heat
Finish with Chicken, Seafood, Frozen Beans, Frozen Corn
Consider Herbs, Vinegar and Spices

It is so much better, after it sits
After the starches in the rice and the gelatin in the chicken stock thickens the stew

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